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I just DL'd an LJ app for my phone, so hopefully that will help with the main reason I haven't posted in a year (the fact that I'm only on my desktop when I have something urgent to do). Fingers crossed...

Aug. 28th, 2011

So, I'm okay so far. Flooding's horrible around here, but it doesn't look bad at my house so far (that may change later in the week when water drains down the Delaware from NY). I haven't been back home yet, so I guess we'll see the damage when we get there and hopefully everything's fine. God bless all those suffering, and those who are still nervously anticipating the storm.
Happy New Year all. Sorry I haven't been posting, it's really not been a good autumn and winter so far and I haven't had any inclination to sit down and write. Maybe the new year will bring more of an impulse to write, although I can't say that I'm too optimistic about that.


If you all could, please pray for my brother. He's having trouble finding a job and it's going to be a serious problem very soon if he doesn't get one. He has an interview tomorrow and has had a few others recently and we're really praying that one of them works out because it's basically now or never.

Oct. 9th, 2010

I had deleted my journal a couple of weeks ago because of some issues I was having elsewhere and a general feeling of apathy toward social networking. Having been away for a couple of weeks, I decided that I wanted to come back and so I've reactivated my journal. Hopefully things will be better this time.
If you all could, please pray for my brother who is suffering from some bad physical ailments and also needs to find a job after being laid off. He really needs some healing.
I apologize for the long span of time in which I have neglected to post.

I recently learned about something of interest to those who are interested in the Extraordinary Form of the Mass as well as those who love traditional Church music. Apparently Mater Ecclesiae parish in Berlin holds an annual Solemn High Mass on the Feast of the Assumption at St. Peter's Church in Merchantville, NJ. In addition to the beauty of the Mass itself, there will be wonderful selection of traditional sacred music. If anybody's in the area and interested then I would certainly recommend going. I'm not sure if I'm going myself, although I'm certainly going to try.

More information can be obtained at the Mater Ecclesiae website here or the St. Peter's website here.


God bless your Church, give it perseverance in adversity and peace in persecution, grant it your strength to prevail against the forces of evil and to endure the disdain of the world and those enslaved to the flesh. Grant this through Jesus Christ, your Son and our Lord. Amen.

This is an act of sacrilege, a sign of the disdain with which we are held by secular society. Would they do such a thing to the tombs of Protestant bishops, much less to those of Jewish or Muslim leaders, regardless of the crimes of which those religious communities had been accused? I think not. They only do these horrible things to the Catholic Church because they hate us for our "meddling." We've been held to be respectable for too long, perhaps distrusted for our beliefs which challenge the desires of the flesh but still invited into society and allowed to hold our Masses with a degree of freedom. It would seem that the world has grown tired of our chiding as it falls deeper into the abyss of carnality and avarice, and so it has decided to bring us low by destroying our sacred tombs and desecrating our holy objects. Unfortunately for them we've been through this many times before, and our Scriptures along with the grace of God will bring us through just as they have always done throughout the last two thousand years.

We've had it easy for a long time, being held respectable by the world may have its advantages but it doesn't help one to lead a holy life. We've grown comfortable in polite society, holding a grudging acceptance from those whose great-grandfathers scoffed at us and regarded us as vermin and trash. Now it would seem that this acceptance, this toleration, is at an end, and frankly it may be the best thing that could happen to the Church. We are supposed to be at odds with the world, despised by it because we say the things that it doesn't want to hear. We are supposed to speak truth to power, and that simply can't happen if we ourselves constitute that power. A rising tide of persecution may strip away from our ranks those among us who are perfectly willing to worship God in comfort but unwilling to do so in adversity, but those who remain will worship Him all the more in their absence. We may not continue to have 1.1 billion adherents, but the ones who remain will be all the more devoted due to the risk involved. This is a very clear violation of the Church's freedom of worship, showing clear contempt for the faith of Catholics, and it would be naive to think that such things couldn't happen in other countries.
I really should stop reading articles written by Christopher Hitchens. The man has such a vitriolic style, and such an absurdly inflated obsession with himself and his self-acknowledged genius, that I end up screaming at my computer screen with every double standard and piece of false logic. Still, some part of me apparently can't stop reading it, which is why I happened upon this tired stupidity. Basically a rehash of Hitchens' usual arguments, it literally made me want to scream. If you choose, you can read my comments about the more egregious parts below.

Cut for length, and to avoid subjecting you all to Hitchens' stupidityCollapse )
It's difficult for Americans to see a tie as something other than a disappointment, a failure to clinch the win and often a waste of time that makes the time spent watching the game pointless. Still, soccer works on a slightly different mentality. The aim in this segment of the competition is to make goals rather than just to win the game, and the US team has a goal that they will hopefully add to in games against Algeria and Slovenia. A 1-1 tie may not be as exciting as a win against a team as heavily favored as England, especially considering the frustrating could-have-been goals that almost happened for America (Altidore's shot just bouncing off the post in the 65th minute being perhaps the most painful), but it could have been far worse considering England's heavily-favored status. If they build on their strong showing in this game and take the momentum into the future then they may have a chance to go somewhere this year instead of just fading away in the early days of competition.