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It's difficult for Americans to see a tie as something other than a disappointment, a failure to clinch the win and often a waste of time that makes the time spent watching the game pointless. Still, soccer works on a slightly different mentality. The aim in this segment of the competition is to make goals rather than just to win the game, and the US team has a goal that they will hopefully add to in games against Algeria and Slovenia. A 1-1 tie may not be as exciting as a win against a team as heavily favored as England, especially considering the frustrating could-have-been goals that almost happened for America (Altidore's shot just bouncing off the post in the 65th minute being perhaps the most painful), but it could have been far worse considering England's heavily-favored status. If they build on their strong showing in this game and take the momentum into the future then they may have a chance to go somewhere this year instead of just fading away in the early days of competition.